About Us

Who we are

We started off as a group of collectors seeking good deals to feed our plastic addiction. It was then that we realized there just weren't many sources here in Singapore. 

Hence we started seeking sources abroad, bringing in our own collections. Over time , we built strong relationships with our overseas sourcing networks; it was then that we had an epiphany: we shouldn't be limiting this to ourselves.

Thus Addicted to Anime Singapore was created.

What we do

We have one aim: to bring quality collectibles and toys, at reasonable price points, to collectors in SG and MY.

We cover a wide spectrum of genres:

  • Transformers
  • Gunpla
  • Mecha
  • Anime Figures

Why are we doing this

We want to know more of you, the collector. What better way for collectors to bond than over a good deal?

How are we doing it

We aim to offer:

  • good and prompt service
  • fast shipping- our local orders (except for pre orders) are typically fulfilled within 10 days of you placing the order. We are able to do for for we ship exclusively by air. After all, these are collectibles and we choose to minimize their exposure to the harsh elements of shipping, as much as possible. 
  • We deliver local orders to your block, at your convenience- there's no need to take time off your schedule for collection. **Please refer to our COVID-19 updates in our shipping policies**
  • Up to date product offerings
  • Transparency in our dealings with you.

In addition we also listen to you, to understand what you are looking for, just so to better enhance your experience with us.